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Teen Co - Costume Deposit Schedule

September 20th - $150

October  20th - $150

November 20th - $150

Total Deposit will Be $450

Teen Co - Costume Fee Breakdown

Dance company specific costume fees will NOT be broken down individually on you dance account transactions.  All items will be listed here instead.  Should an item be added to a costume after that costume fee has been posted here, then that fee will be listed individually here otherwise the accessories and add ons will be covered in the fee listed for that class's costume.


Ballet $78.

Gloves for ballet added later $15.


Teen Company

Teen Jazz

Teen Lyrical / Contemp

Jr & Teen Musical Theater

Ballet 6

Ballet 6 Pointe

Hip Hop 6

Tap 6 - $0 - Using the same costume as Musical Theater 2017

Exceptions to the above List:

     * Ballet Company Add: $ TBA

     * If NOT in Tap 6 Subtract: $0 - using MT

     * Solos / Duets: