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Performance Schedule

October 21st - Spirit Parade ( Mini, Petite, Juniors)

November 18th - Convention - Groove

(Petite, Juniors, Teens)

November 23rd - Light Up Night ( Mini, Petite, Juniors)

Studio Competition Dress Rehearsal - TBA

Competition Showcase - TBA

March 8-10 - Groove Competition (Petite, Juniors, Teens)

March 15th - 17th  Back up Competition (just in case)

March 22nd - 24th  Dancers Inc. Scranton

Company Fee Schedule 2018-2019

Amount due will be charged to your credit card on file on the appointed due date or within 5 days of the due date.  If you have been removed from autopay, you will need to pay this by using the parent portal.  Late fees will apply if not paid by the due date.

Fall Convention/Workshop Fee

     •     September 10th - Groove

Costume Deposits

Due on the 20th of Designated Months

Company members will NOT follow the Non company dancers deposit schedule.  Instead, follow the date and amounts below.

Petite Co - $100, Junior Co - $100, Teen Co - $150

     •     September 20th - Deposit #1

     •     October 20th - Deposit #2

     •     January 20th - Deposit #3

Competition Entry Fees

Due on the 20th of Designated Months

See the "Competition Info Sheet" for Fee Amounts.  This will be emailed in the next few days.

     •     November 20th - Competition #1

     •     December 20th - Competition #2